Visual thinker, Visual designer


With a focus on User Centered Design and the belief that every element should fulfill a purpose, I have worked various design jobs including Comics, T-Shirts, Corporate Design, Web Design, Character Design, Concept Designs and Photography 


The Furtwangen Artist Magazine was a freetime project that spanned a year. During this time, a team of 7 gathered materials and designs. The result was a beautiful 52 page magazine featuring some of our favorite local artists.

„Voyage Dans La Lune“ is a parody of the french film classic. Written and Storyboarded by Richard Walther and drawn by Ruth Sutor, the 10 page comic has been sold in Berlin, Freiburg and Furtwangen.

Portfolio Book 2020. The concept was inspired by my dual nationality and my hairstyle at the time.

Character Design

I create characters for various games, comics and stories. What you see here is just a fraction of what lives in my sketchbooks. The variety of worlds and ideas is due to the fact that creating fictional worlds has always fascinated me.

The concept for „Witch of the Waters“ was born out of an experiment to create  characters without two of the typical emotional indicators. The Witch can’t speak and Miles can only smile. On their quest through multiple dimensions, each world has its own artsyle.

Since 2013, I’ve drawn two volumes and over 210 pages in 4 worlds. In partnership with 3 artists, we’ve created 2 further comics.

Mazza is one of three characters from a childrens animated series. I created, wrote and pitched.

The story takes place in an endless desert wasteland where water is currency and a sudden resurfacing of flooded bunkers creates a power struggle between nomadic tribes and city dwellers.

Creating Characters that match their cultures and imagining how their unique environments might shape them is fascinating. Putting yourself in the shoes of the character’s and their lives is probably the best way to create believable fictional characters. This hobby resulted in „fighting game“ designs, a Soviet punk world for the adventure game „Modus Operandi“ and the many worlds in which Miles and „the Witch“ travel.

An Art Vending Machine created for the City Furtwangen. The procurement, design and construction was my work. The Fuwa Creative e.V. maintains and stocks the vending machine.

This was a project I did in my freetime to beautify a spray painted bus stop that was on my daily commute to University. The design concept was based on the idea that commuters should feel at home while waiting for the bus 


several unusal jobs including painting a bus stop, building an Art Vending Machine and creating a logo for a Snuff Tabacoo Club. I am always open for new challenges and design thinking applications. 



  • (Adobe) Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Krita 


  • User Stories
  • User Centered Design
  • Design Thinking


  • Digital
  • Traditional: Spraypaint, gouche, watercolor, outdoor paints, pencil


This portfolio is hosted by Fuwa Creative e.V. 

As an active member, Richard Walther was granted permission to do so.