Rob’s Crazy Apple Halloween special Filter. Created using Spark AR and Blender. 

Heyyy Gum Game created in Spark AR with JavaScript logic.

Sad and Happy Lens for Telekom as part of their NFT campaign. Created with Lens Studio and Blender.

Barclay’s Money Demon Campaign requested an AR tie-in with physics based interactions between the User and the Demons. One of the most fun effects I’ve had the pleasure of building!

The Norwegian Brand Coop BYGG integrated this paint Lens into their yearly catalogue, enabling readers to paint the walls of their homes and test the colors out before buying them.

Further Lenses

A further face Lens for the Norwegian Brand Coop. It is a fun tie in effect for their “Lying Fish” Campaign that confronts Norwegians with how much fish they truly eat

My first proffessional Lens and one of the most complex. It was created for RedBull Dance Your Style and incorporates 3 split effects as well as a gamefication.

Perhaps one of the more simplistic Lenses I’ve created, it is still one of the most memorable. The Lens was printed onto the side of a parade bus and scanned by the thousands of visitors to Berlin’s Christopher Street Day!

Brand Collaborations

Social Media for community engagement

Fuwa Creative e.V. was created during Lockdown to connect and enable creative minds in the village of Furtwangen. Founded on the strong sense of community that can be found there, I started growing a social media presence that was based on showcasing talent. From there, it grew significantly, gathering 500 followers in only a few months. In the months leading up to August 2021, we painted bus stops, hosted the semesterly Student Film Festival, created an Art Vending Machine and gathered more than 35 active members. Although I stepped back as the leader of the Non-Profit to focus on my Thesis in Berlin, I am proud of the growth and reception in the Furtwangen Community.

Virtual Production, XR, NFTs, Web-AR, Social Media

Having written my Bsc. Thesis on Web-AR and the applications in the Blockchain based Metaverse, I am up to date on the most recent tech trends and their potential uses. During my studies, a heavy focus was placed on Content Creation, Social Media Management and Marketing. This prepared me to apply technology in real world economic models.

Further hands on experience was gathered while working for 

DEPARTD (2021 – present) “Augmented Reality Developer”

Audi AG.  (2019 – 2020) “Digitization of vehicle/order management supply chain processes”

DXC (2018) “Startup Autobahn”

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (2017) – Computer Science Dual Study




  • Java
  • HTML/CSS, JavaScript,
  • C#

Dev. Environments

  • Unity
  • AutoCAD
  • Inventor
  • Spark AR, 8th Wall, Lense Studio
  • Android Studio
  • Text to Speech (Azure, Google, Alexa)
  • Facebook Business Suite

Hardware Familiarity

  • Vive
  • Leapmotion
  • LiDAR
  •  SenseGlove
  • Bebop sensors
  • Various 360 Cameras
  •  Hololense


Richard Walther

Richard Walther

Richard Walther is a German-American mulitmedial artist, designer and developer. He studied Bsc. Online Media at the Furtwangen University.

This portfolio is hosted by Fuwa Creative e.V. 

As an active member, Richard Walther was granted permission to do so.