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Richard Walther.

Due to his very quick comprehension, he familiarizes himself with his respective area of responsibility within a very short time. Because of his high level of creativity, he brought in very good, innovative ideas and implemented them successfully.

Margit Nickstat - Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Richard Walther

Richard Walther

Richard Walther is a German-American mulitmedial artist, designer and developer. He studied Bsc. Online Media at the Furtwangen University.

German 100%
English 100%
Team Work
Strategy Development

Growing up  in a bilingual environemnt, I am fluent in both German and English. My years of experience in various companies including Audi AG, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, DXC, DEPARTD have let me gather experience in various communication tools and work processes. I love to work in a Team but my vision and determination let me complete jobs and learn new skills as needed.

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